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Acting Resume


“Cycle of a Dream”        John Rivers            Dir. Alaina Logan

“The Scientist”              Dr. Schaffer            Dir. Mike Petrella

“Graduation Blues”       Jack                         Dir. Alex Hawthorne

“My Name is Abigail”   Mr. Cottony            Dir. Chris Kang 

“Pill Problem”              Younger Hit Man    Dir. Sean Boyd

“The Walk”                  Union Soldier           Dir. Ryan Hammaker


“Evil Kin”,  Ep. 311      David Johnston        Sirens Media/ID Channel

Web TV

“Revelation Blue”        Det. Ronald Cain     Dir. Tony Lankford


“Urban Noir Project”   Multiple Roles        Dir. Monica Moses


“Creed”                       Night Club Patron    Dir. Ryan Coogler

“House of Cards”        Campaign Supporter    Netflix

“Pope – the Most Powerful Man in the History” Christian Husband    CNN


The Actor’s Lab  Adult Acting Class      Instructor – Bryan Fox

The Actor’s Lab Adult Improv Class     Instructor – Kristin Finger