Nike Unveils ‘Fired Up’ the 2018 Air Jordan’s Pre-Doused In Accelerant

“Fired Up” 2018 Jordan’s

Recent news of Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign sponsoring controversial NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been volatile on both sides of the issue and knowing how to capitalize on a controversy is in the Nike corporation’s blood. With a call to boycott the company and burn their product by many who disagree with Kaepernick’s decision to kneel at the playing of the national anthem, Nike realized that many anti-kneeling protesters don’t likely own a pair of Jordan’s or running shoes or cleats of any kind, so to solve the problem for these potential customers, Nike has developed a shoe pre-soaked in fire starter to save them the hassle of a separate trip to the local Walmart for something to accelerate the process.

“We thought about integrating a strike match on the end of the laces but realized there was a risk of having the shoes catch fire during shipment. This would defeat the purpose of customers setting the shoes on fire as soon as they arrive at the door.” Says, Angelina Jones, director of marketing for Nike. “Depending on their popularity, we may expand to other signature models. Why protest with an old, smelly pair of shoes when you can do it in style?”

Nike’s ‘Fired Up’ Jordan’s will be available for an undetermined period. “We want to see how long this fallout will ride and cash in on it while we can.” Jones adds.